• "Your journey starts here"
  • "Your journey starts here"


We always ask people who have completed the course to give us feedback on their experience, what they liked and how the course helped them. The following are testimonials of some people who have taken the course. We greatly value the feedback we get from course participants. Over the years since we started the course in 1999 the feedback has helped us to shape the course to meet the needs of each particular group.

Cathy - Cork

"Its a gentle encouraging and subtle space that helped me to unravel personal issues and make sense of them. This gives me clarity and peace of mind and therefore enabling me to choose the life I would love to live ".

John - Limerick

"I got recommended this course by a friend while going through a rough patch. I was surprised at how easy I found it to talk and the people in the group understood what I was saying. I understand myself better now".

Jane - Limerick

"I was very anxious going in to the first night, I didn't know what to expect but everyone was the same and I was surprised at how well I got on with the people. It was like everyone wanted to help everyone else and everything was made easy for us".

Thomas - Cork

"I use to be tormenting myself with a lot things going on in my head all the time and I don't do that any more, most of the time anyway. I learned to talk to the people rather than talking to them in my head".