• "Your journey starts here"
  • "Your journey starts here"

Welcome To Steps A Journey Of Growth, Personal Development Course

We see each person's life as a journey, unique and individual. On the journey their personal life story unfolds in relationship with others and in context of the universe. We believe that each person has the capacity to heal, grow and to live a full life. Taking time to reflect on our life experiences, with their patterns and themes, is the key to growing awareness of who and how we are. We see personal development as a means of living self-reflectively. The process of reflecting on one's life experience, in a group context, enables us to make some sense of our own lives so far. With the support of a group, we believe that it is possible to explore alternative ways of being and doing, thus having choices. This, in turn, leads to having a more satisfying life.

Steps on my Journey Personal Development course is under the umberella of Flatstone Psychotherapy Training course. (Click here to view their website). This course originated in Cork in 1993 in response to an interest in experientially based humanistic and integrative training that was both creative and practical. The founders were Donal Healy and Claire Murray. The training was designed to be wholistic, person-centred, rich in creative and spiritual nourishment and at the same time robust in intellectual opportunities and challenges. The course was recognised by the IAHIP in 2011. Flatstone also organises occasional workshops in personal growth and in various aspects of the work of therapy

Course Facilitators

Marie Stuart is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP). She has worked as a community worker, with a variety of groups in preventive and remedial programmes. She works as a psychotherapist with individual clients and with personal development groups. She is engaged in group facilitation and communications and is a member of the Flatstone Psychotherapy training team. She is a founding member of the Steps On My Journey course and is an accredited supervisor with IAHIP.

Marika Mikulak trained as a psychotherapist with Flatstone Institute and completed her post graduate psychotherapy studies in Metanoia Institute, London. She is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP). She works as apsychotherapist in private practice for many years and she also works as an addiction counsellor, primarily in homeless services..

Ann Parfrey MIAHIP, accredited supervisor and co-founder of the Steps a Journey of Growth will facilitate the residential week-ends.